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Letters from our Clients:

Little did we know that just a few weeks after completion of the installation of our solar system Hurricane Irma would hit our area. Our expected elation about maintaining power in an extended outage was far surpassed by the reality of the actual event. After spending years living through the results of storms and hurricanes, the security of a power source that actually renewed itself daily was sheer joy. Our friends who had installed generators, especially the large whole house generators, were coming to the realization that their systems consumed very large quantities of fuel and with lines growing at gas stations they were forced to cut back on the time that they could operate. We weren’t worried as each sunny day brought renewed power to our batteries.

Thank you Wayne, Tommy and the entire crew who performed to such a high standard as well as being so friendly and straightforward that we would leave any of them alone in our home with us away. Wayne only hires the best and it makes the homeowner’s experience very secure and positive.

Charles Goodwin
Alachua, FL.

We selected Pure Energy Solar for a number of reasons. (They use American made quality panels, staff professionalism and cost.) But the number one reason was prior customers satisfaction stories. They meet all their promised timelines and made the process seamless from start to finish. If you are considering solar energy I would recommend Pure Energy as your contractor. I’m glad we joined the ranks of “Renewable Energy Producers”. Living the dream here in The Villages and reducing our electrical costs.

David Masur
The Villages, FL.

In December of 2016 I happily filled one of my bucket list items. We contracted Pure Energy Solar and had them install a 7KW solar system on our roof in Micanopy. Wayne Irwin was very patient during our planning stages and made suggestions to enhance our system, future usage and savings. Due to my absence we had to reschedule my installation with Wayne and he accommodated us with no reservation. When the installers showed up, they were extremely professional, courteous, safe and efficient workers. The materials were top quality and the installation materialized without any delays or problems and the panels have a 25-year warranty.

We can’t say enough about the quality materials (American made-go America) and the professional installation we received from Pure Energy Solar. It says a lot about a company when the workers are excited about their work and in good spirits as the PES installers were.

We checked with several solar companies before making a decision. Without a doubt we choose wisely. We are very glad we went with Wayne & PES and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting a clean, reliable solar electric system.

We really can’t say enough about how excited and satisfied we feel about this Pure Energy Solar system. My final thought would be; if I had to do it over again, we would not even bother getting bids, we would go with Pure Energy Solar without question.

Steve and Carol Rhodes
Micanopy, Fl.

I am writing this testimonial today regarding my family's experience with the installation of a 5.3 KW photoelectric solar system installed in January 2016, at my home in Keystone Heights, FL by Pure Energy Solar. My wife and I are recently retired and our electric bills have steadily risen over recent years despite our best efforts to conserve. We had previously blown in insulation to our attic; replaced all windows in the house with double pane low-E windows; replaced our heat pump with a high SEER, variable speed unit; and replaced all lighting with LEDs, etc. etc. Despite all our efforts, our electric bill did not seem to decrease and we opted to look into installation of a residential photoelectric system. We secured bids from 3 different solar contractors - two locally in the Gainesville area, and one regional provider out of south Florida. Of these, one local solar provider (Pure Energy Solar) stood out. I noted that they had opted to advertise frequently on National Public Radio (NPR) -a choice which speaks loudly to me about their motives and environmental conscience. Wayne Irwin, the owner of this company came to my home on several occasions to assist with our decision making. We found him to be personable, very low pressure, and very knowledgeable and informative. Wayne provided the name of a green roofing contractor whom he recommended to replace our 25 year-old asphalt roof with a new metal roof prior to placement of our photovoltaic system. He patiently answered all of our questions and offered to coordinate with the roofer to assure that all components worked seamlessly together. He also offered to hard wire in two attic fans at no charge when he felt that the solar powered fan alternatives were not a good value for us. He understood when we opted to reduce the size of our planned system from 10KW to 5.3KW in the initial phase of installation, due to our own financial constraints. He also offered to complete our system at any time for the difference between the two original bids without upcharge for not installing the entire 10KW system initially.

The installation itself went flawlessly. The crew was respectful and efficient. They arrived as scheduled to install the unit, and completed the project in a very short period of time. Wayne coordinated with both our local building inspectors and with our electric provider (Clay Electric) to assure that our solar power, and the energy cost savings it would provide, were online as quickly as possible. Since installation our electric bills have dropped by approximately two-thirds, saving us several hundred dollars each month. This monthly savings coupled with he 30% federal tax credit will assure a very favorable pay back period for our investment. We look forward to completing our installation (to the full 10 KW originally planned) as soon as this becomes economically feasible for us. We most certainly will choose Pure Energy Solar as the contractor to provide this upgrade. We recommend them without reservation for those contemplating installation of photoelectric systems for their homes or businesses.

Al & Debbie Raymond
Keystone Heights, FL.

Wayne and the Pure Energy Solar team did an awesome job working with me to find the solar solution that was right for us. I wanted to have a small system installed at first to see if and how well it worked. Wayne's patience with our decision making showed how much he cares about customer choices. His perseverance in making sure the permitting office completed their part, and his technical knowledge in quickly settign up my system to provide on-line power production information was top notch. His crew took care of everything I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome. Now if he could only get the sun to shine at night!

Tom Jakubowski

We love our solar. The system looks great. Nicely packed together, perfectly straight and level. Some systems look so haphazard they detract from the house: this install make the house look like we are from the future. Secondly, the power output has been better than expected. Even these winter / low angle sun months are keeping us net neutral for electric use.

I can't thank you enough for the professionalism of your company, and the product you provide.

Looking froward to 20+ years without a utility bill.

Michael and Laura Palazzola
The Villages, FL.

We selected Pure Energy Solar as the company to use to design and install solar electric for our house. The selection was based on a great experience during all phases of the process.

During our selection process, we literally bombarded Pure Energy with questions about product specs, cost, warranty, installation methods, and others. We found that Pure Energy patiently and immediately responded to each and every query, and responded with only facts pertaining to our question, not with more generic marketing material.

During the installation process, the team worked nonstop, even during very hot weather, to get the job done quickly and minimize any disruption to us. The county inspector that later inspected the work also commented that this was "the best solar installation" he had ever seen, complementing the installation workmanship and approach.

During our after the sale experience, the equipment is operating exactly as expected, and we have received followup queries to assure that everything was operating well.

As a result, we have absolutely no reservations about highly recommending Pure Energy to anyone considering Solar Electricity for their house or business. This company knows what they are doing and they care about providing the best possible equipment and customer experience.

Lou and Sharon Milan
The Villages, FL.

To anyone interested in putting in solar:
Solar power became a "no-brainer" investment and Wayne's team made it painless. An electrical engineer in my former profession, I had been watching solar panel prices dive, as my stocks rose to nosebleed territory and bond yields plummeted. A bit of calculation suggested solar power was a higher-yielding investment than Treasury Bonds by quite a bit, and more than likely to return more than the ten-year projected gains of the S&P500. Even without inflation, I was looking at better than 4% annual yield, and at the end of 20 years I would still have over 80% production capacity, nearly the equivalent of return of principal. Hence, a no-brainer diversification investment!

Wayne listened patiently to my goals and guided me to a battery-backed-up grid-tied inverter system that without any supervision at all, guarantees that I sell every available watt-hour at retail price, and still have battery backup so I won't go seven days without power (A/C & hot showers) like I did after a hurricane a few years ago...not cheap but definitely a great investment.

However, it was the installation that took the cake. I had a very complicated set of re-wiring goals to pick and choose backed-up circuits from two buildings, and his highly trained installation crew not only exceeded my requests, but they caught, worked around, and explained some short-cuts that the original electricians had taken in wiring several key circuits. They absolutely went far beyond the stated agreement and made it all work perfectly. Then Wayne deftly handled a manufacturer defect in a charge controller, and responded quickly when I decided to add even MORE power, quoted good prices on upgrades and had them in quickly.

Our power bill last month was only 13kWh per day with our system producing 40 to low 50's kWh per day. A New record for our house!

Couldn't ask for anything more. Highly recommended.


Beyond all expectations!
That's how I would describe the professionalism of Wayne Irwin and Pure Energy Solar. Pure Energy installed a 5 kilowatt system at my house a few years ago. Last week I called up Wayne to inform him of a leak in my roof that I thought was caused by the solar panels. He promised on the phone to make all necessary repairs inside the house and out, and arrived with a team of workers the next day. They climbed up on the roof to determine the problem; it turned out that the leak wasn't from the Pure Energy Solar panels at all, but from an older plastic solar collector system I had had installed for my pool years earlier. Wayne patched the hole in the roof anyway, and wouldn't take a penny for his troubles! That gets my vote for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Les Thiele
January 2015

Dear Pure Energy Solar,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Pure Energy team for the outstanding service and professionalism displayed during the installation of our 5.1 KW Solar Generation System earlier this year.
Ginger and I have observed a very significant difference in our electric bill over the past several months. We believe that this was the most worth while addition to our dwelling and we look forward to continued savings in the future.
The expertise and professionalism of your team was "second to none", in our opinion. The effort demonstrated by everyone involved was a testament to your organization and the product you delivered. This was a major undertaking for us and we had many questions which you answered, insuring that we knew what we were getting, how it worked, how it was monitored and what we were required to do to satisfy our electric provider. There was not one aspect of the entire process that was not handled superbly.
We are anticipating adding to the system in the near future. Please feel free to give our name and number to anyone who wishes to discuss our experience. Thank you again for an outstanding job.

Ken and Ginger Belisle
Jacksonville, FL.

July, 2014

Pure Energy Solar did a fantastic job installing our 5 kilowatt system. From the initial consult to final hookup with our utility. Wayne and his team were prompt, courteous, timely, and professional. From our end the process was simple and low stress. If you're considering solar and want a reliable and customer friendly company, Pure Energy Solar is a great choice.

Karen Rolf and Dana Rasmussen
June, 2014

Dear Pure Energy Solar,

Sara and I enjoyed our experience with Pure Energy Solar.

Your company and installers were courteous and professional. We are enjoying our installation and it is working according to the specifications. It is easy to monitor/observe the performance. We believe in the future of solar and your company's (low pressure) sales approach. By doing exactly what you said you would do with the installation process, was a breath of fresh air.

Sara and Art Nussel
May, 2014

Dear Wayne and all the folks at Pure Energy Solar,

I just wanted to write and let you know how satisfied we are with our residential solar panel system. The system was installed this past winter and has been producing enough energy on average to eliminate the electric component of our utility bill - and it is not even summer yet! Wayne was extremely helpful throughout every step of the process and offered guidance and useful information for choosing the system that was right for us. The installation was seamless and performed by knowledgable craftsmen who took care to do the job right. We are very happy with our new source of clean, solar energy. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Cooper Dean
April, 2014

Hello Wayne and Pure Energy Solar,

Just wanted to let you know that the Solar panels you installed for us have been working flawlessly. It has been exactly 3 years since you installed the system for us and we have been reaping the benefits of the solar energy. I have enclosed a picture of the reading I got this week, it was almost 30kw of energy productionon that single day, from my 5.17kw system!! Last June we got a Nissan Leaf, although we do not produce all the energy to charge it, we feel good about saving energy in our transportation needs.

Divyang Patel
March, 2014

To whom this may concern,

The cost of electricity in Gainesville and Alachua county has been going up and up with no limit in sight.
So, for our new "GREEN" home we decided to install solar panels and solar water heater. We shopped the local market and decided on Pure energy Solar for several reasons. Pure Energy Solar provided the lowest cost, professional installation , friendly and timely responses to our questions.
Wayne Irwin of Pure Energy Solar has been very attentive throughout the installation process. He helped us with the " Feed in Tariff " program with GRU and has explained the tax advantages and addressed all our inquiries on a timely and friendly manner.
We do recommend Pure Energy Solar for anyone who may be interested to save money on power bills and help with the environment.

Michael Moezzi and Nazanin Azarnia
December, 2013

It was a great pleasure to deal with Pure Energy Solar. A company's reputation is earned over many years through the quality of their work and their customers' experience. I was drawn to the company because of your record of community involvement and your history of honesty and craftsmanship. My expectations, while high, were greatly exceeded. The 78kW system is functioning flawlessly, was installed rapidly by intelligent, caring and clean workers and is surprisingly beautiful. Most important to me, the level of trust on both sidessides was so great, that I never worried about anything. I knew that you worried so I didn't have to. You went far beyond the usual vendor to ensure that our production did not have an interruption in power. Your office staff was exceptional. There were no issues that dampened my enthusiasm for Pure Energy Solar. Congratulations on building such a fine company and thank you for helping Alta Systems and our community become more sustainable.

Richard Nesbit
Vice President
Alta Systems, Inc.

When I began building my new house, I contacted Wayne Irwin at Pure Energy Solar about installing solar.  Pure Energy Solar was the only company I would allow to touch my new house. I had only heard good things about this company, and found all those good things to be true. They coordinated with my builder Tim Flanagan, and then did it all. From submitting plans for permitting, to coordinating everything with GRU, to giving me the forms I'll need for income taxes.  Now I get to watch my meter go backwards!  Thanks Wayne and Pure Energy Employees!

Julie Anspach

Wayne and his crew of experts at Pure Energy Solar installed a complete home solar energy system at our home, located in the country. The system connects to the electric company and also has battery backup. With this arrangement we have no more brief power outages, and also back-up in case of a long storm.

Wayne has been available to answer questions and to tweak the system. We are very happy with Pure Energy’s professional and respectful service, and glad that we can be an example of a more sustainable life-style.


Dear Pure Energy Solar,

The solar panel project that Pure Energy Solar took on for us was one of the best construction experiences we have had. The project was on time every step of the way, and the crew and Wayne Irwin were extremely professional in their conduct at all times. For once we had a contractor who left things as they found them, with the obvious exception of the panels on the roof. The solar panels have been operating for a little over a month, and they are performing as Wayne predicted they would. We did our research and Pure Energy Solar came out on top of the competition. In our eyes, they certainly lived up to their ranking.

Ronald and Mary Welch

Dear Pure Energy Solar,

Jim and I want to let you know that our recent experience with your company, Pure Energy Solar, was great! You and your employees were very professional. Everything from start to finish was performed to our high standards. You were always available by phone or email and answered all of our questions.
We had gotten other estimates for our solar project but decided to go with you because of your strong background and superior product. Feel Free to contact us on future customers' behalf or if you're in the neighborhood.

Jim and Pat Walker

I first heard about Pure Energy Solar while listening to NPR one morning and decided to inquire about GRU's FIT program. This led me to Wayne. I have only great things to say about Wayne and the company he represents. From his initial visit to the final delivery of the keys (aka Sunnybeam), he has been very helpful, patient and accommodating. He has answered every question and concern I had. His knowledge and professionalism exceeded my expectations. He worked with me to come up with a system plan that I could afford and in the time frame that I required. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of helping the planet go solar. In fact I have already done so, I told my good friend and neighbor about Pure Energy Solar and within a month Wayne was out here again to install a system for him.
Thanks Wayne!

I welcomed the opportunity to participate in the Renewable Energy Program. Pure Energy Solar made it an easy reality from beginning to end. On these hot sunny days my solar panels send energy back to the grid, a good feeling.
Thank you.
M Pennell

To Everyone:
Our new PV system is exceptional in appearance and performance. We waited for several months before submitting this feedback to insure that we were fully satisfied with the system's performance.
We chose Pure Energy Solar to do our 10kw PV Solar System after screening many different companies because they were highly professional and competitive. We also visited and talked to a couple of satisfied customers who had glowing reviews.
We learned of a new energy program by Florida utilities that motivated us to make this investment. Our power company, Progress Energy paid us $2/w about 10 weeks after the system was installed. That rebate plus federal tax credits plus the money saved indicated that the system would pay back in 10 years. That does not account for the increased value of our home or the fantastic return in subsequent years. That same utility program starts again this fall.
As a technically minded person, I asked many questions and looked into system components. I'm totally convinced that SMA inverters are the very best ones for Florida and that component is the most critical part of the system. In my opinion, any highly rated solar panels will work very well.
The Pure Energy Solar crew was totally hard working and professional. My ground mount solar panel arrays went up very quickly and all the workmanship was neat and clean. We think that it looks fantastic in our back yard on our 1.3 acre lot.
Every aspect of this installation went beautifully with Pure Energy Solar and we will always be grateful to Wayne Irwin for helping us make this happen. His crew was amazing. We would strongly recommend this company for anyone considering solar power and welcome anyone to ask questions or view it. In fact, we have never dealt with any contractor of this high caliber and quality anywhere.
Gary & Sue Stocker
Citrus County, FL

Based on my experiences with solar contractors in Gainesville as of 2011, Pure Energy Solar was by far the best contractor to work with. Their installation of my photovoltaic was done on schedule, and with attention to details in the installation.
The overall appearance of the system was very clean, the penetration through the soffit was carefully cut and caulked, the piping was nicely concealed, the inverters and meters were tightly positioned rather than spread all over the side of the house, the panels were carefully positioned on the roof so as to provide access to both skylights and the solar hot water panels. The employees of Pure Energy Solar were a pleasure to work with. After the system was installed, the blue tooth transmitter on one of the inverters was found to be defective; they immediately replaced the defective chip. I highly recommend Pure Energy Solar.
Bill Hager

Pure Energy Solar, Inc., with Wayne Irwin in charge, started installing a 5.8 kw, high efficiency, photo voltaic, solar-to-electricity system on the roof of my house on March 7, 20ll. It started putting electricity into the GRU grid on April 14th. It seems to have performed flawlessly and has exceeded my expectations.
This entire experience with Pure Energy Solar has been pleasant and efficient, from the initial roof inspection to the final GRU permits, inspections and connections. I have every reason to believe that this will continue for many years.
John H. Schmertmann, P.E.
Civil Engineer

Dear Pure Energy Solar:
My experience with Pure Energy Solar was fabulous from my first phone call. Wayne quickly explained to me that I could put solar panels on my house even if I wasn't living in it. He completed all the paperwork for me and brought it by for me to sign--and did it twice more when I changed my mind about the size of the system - twice!
He was accommodating at every step. When the tenants expressed concern about the possibility of the electricity being off for 3 hours, he made arrangements to bring in a generator to alleviate their concerns. The system was installed a week earlier than he anticipated, not later as with most contractors. And it was on line before Dec. 31, as he promised.
My experience with Pure Energy Solar could not have been better.

Dear Wayne and Pure Energy Solar:
My wife and I wanted to thank you and your company for the incredible attention to detail, honesty, and integrity provided during your installation of our solar array. From the very first time we called to ask general questions about solar energy, to the true turn key service provided in performing our installation, through your post installation evaluation to ensure our system was performing optimally, Pure Energy Solar exemplified the meaning of customer service.
In a world where many businesses are capable of providing any number of quality products, we feel strongly that the one thing separating the "best from the rest" is customer services. Knowing that our system was installed by a company with such dedication to their work gives me great confidence that our system will both reduce our use of non-renewable energy and provide a reliable return on our investment for many years to come. Without question, we have and will continue to recommend Pure Energy Solar to all who inquire about solar.
All the best,
Michael and Allison

Dear Pure Energy Solar,
I knew right away that Pure Energy Solar was the company of choice for installing my solar panels for GRU's FIT program. Pure Energy Solar provided me with all of the necessary information to make an informed decision and then handled all aspects of the job from start to finish. The project was fast and easy, and I am very pleased with the results.
Tomlinson Motor Company

Dear Wayne,
I want to thank you again for the great job that you and your team did to engineer and install our Solar PV System. It is easy to see that you know your stuff when it comes to Solar PV.

I wanted a system with good structural integrity, high energy output, good looks, and expandability at a reasonable cost. You exceeded my expectations. I've had several nice comments about its appearance. Your industry knowledge, technical expertise and professionalism in working with clients and putting together a team of like minded staff should ensure you continued success. Keep up the great work Wayne!
Best Regards,
Tim Harrell

I'm making electricity. When I am sitting in a meeting I smile and say to myself, "I'm making electricity". Last week I was 5000 miles away from my home and I said to myself, "I'm making electricity". In the late afternoon I sit and watch the silent panels on my roof and I can almost see the photons exciting electrons to be swept away to the inverter. I make electricity all the time, thanks to Wayne and Pure Energy Solar. In the beginning I had many questions for Wayne and he tirelessy answered all of them. It took me a while to determine the exact configuration I wanted, but Wayne came out to the house several times to help me sort through the options. The installation was done in a timely manner; first the rails, then panels and conduit, connecting panels and pulling wires, lastly the inverter and throwing the switch. Ever watch an electric utility meter turn backwards? Very cool. Wayne's crew left no mess, which was much appreciated. Lastly, Pure Energy handed me a packet with the state rebate forms filled out and an 8" by 10" glossy photograph of the system. I was very pleased with the pre-installation support, professional installation (including permitting), contact assistance with my utility, completed rebate forms, and performance of my system. Did I mention that I'm making electricity as I'm typing this letter? Thanks Wayne.

Barbara Beck

From my very first phone call to Pure Energy Solar, I was impressed. I didn't know exactly what I wanted, what I needed or what it would cost. Wayne was very patient with me and was able to very quickly assess the situation and give me an idea of the cost and what I could expect from spending the money. I didn't call back right away; it was a big decision to make. As I considered my options financially, I also considered the very concerning messages coming from our government and how decisions being made in Washington would affect my energy future. All things considered, there were all pros and no cons to my decision to install solar panels.
I called Wayne back. Within one week, his company brought me the contract, got structural facts about my house, applied for and paid for county permits and arranged for me and Pure Energy Solar to work with my electric utility. When Wayne found out that my particular utility charged $100 to tie into their lines, he took $100 off the cost of my installation. Within three weeks, my panels were installed, inspected and operational. The transition was seamless.
I see daily how much energy I get free from the sun, how much I sell back to the utility and best of all, how many pounds of CO2 I've saved from the environment. I also get thousands back from the Federal Government when I file my taxes for 2009. It's a no-brainer!

When businesses come to my home, I want to work with someone that's skilled, well-organized, prompt, fair, and responsive. Pure Energy Solar delivers on all fronts. Working with Wayne Irwin is a pleasure. He is very professional, always courteous, and goes the extra yard to answer questions, provide information, and make sure that you are wholly satisfied. It makes a difference, as well, that Pure Energy is a local company and that Wayne stands by his word of standing by his work. Who wants a fly-by-night operation, or some sub-contractor that's here today and gone tomorrow, drilling holes in your roof? With Pure Energy Solar, you get the security of knowing that the buck stops with Wayne, and that means you won't be taken advantage of, or disappointed.
Les and Susan Thiele

In September, 2009, we had a 4,200 watt solar power system installed by Pure Energy Solar. Wayne, the owner, was very thorough in his explanations of the system, the cost, how it would be installed, and every other thing I could think of to ask him.
The system was installed in less than 2 days and it looks great and works great. The service was incredible and we got a great price for the system. It cost what Wayne said it would cost and not a penny more.
Sally Glaeser and David Wymer

We chose Pure Energy Solar to install our system because we wanted a knowledgeable, reputable, local company. Wayne Irwin is passionate about solar energy and his company reflects his passion and commitment. Using his technical experience and expertise, combined with top quality material, competent and careful installers and high standards of work and service, he provides excellent service with precision and integrity. He also serves as a local leader in educating the public about the benefits of solar energy.
Think globally - act locally by choosing Pure Energy Solar, we recommend them enthusiastically!
John and Susan Stanton

My wife and I decided to install PV solar panels on our house a little over six months ago. Wayne Irwin from Pure Energy Solar came by and met with us, took us up on the roof, tested the possibilities, and explained everything to us clearly and intelligently. He also explained all the incentives, rebates, etc., that three different levels of government offer for taking the solar plunge. It made sense environmentally and economically for us to do it, and Wayne promised quick and painless installation as well as processing all of the necessary forms for local incentives (feed-in tariff) and state rebates. He followed through on every promise without any prompting. The City's approval followed soon thereafter, and we became one of the first households in the city to be "on the grid" and to qualify for the feed-in tariff.

I recommend Pure Energy Solar enthusiastically to anyone considering a PV solar installation. Pure Energy is local, too, and that makes a big difference. There are many out-of-town firms now trying to get into the business here in Gainesville. Who knows how good they are, and why support a company who will spend their profits outside of our economy?
Albert R. Matheny and Jane E. Adair

It is with pleasure that I write this documentation of my experience with Wayne Irwin and the Pure Energy Solar team. I shopped around a lot before choosing a company, so my perspective is from a comprehensive overview of Pure Energy and their competition. Wayne offered me references before I asked for them and they were all glowing. He was always punctual, knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. I was also impressed with his honesty ( "turnkey" really means turnkey when he refers to the costs of installation and equipment) his kindness, and his willingness to hear our concerns and validate them. Wayne REALLY cares about the planet and what happens to it. He is easy to deal with, as is the whole team. I cannot say enough how pleased we are with Pure Energy and how much we are looking forward to our next bill from GRU!
Antoinette Endelicato

My wife and I would like to take the time to thank you for your professional and personal interest that you took in helping us with our residential solar panel purchase located in Gainesville, FL. You gave us your undivided time for all our questions we had, and didn't make us feel at all pressured in purchasing from you. You and your team made us feel at ease when we came to the decision to purchase. The time you took in explaining the installation and operation of the Solar Panels was very informative and educational. It is always nice to do business and have the feeling like you have gained a friend after the purchase. I love my Solar Panels.
Thank You,
Merrill and Suzanne Pugh

This letter is written to show my appreciation for your outstanding professional services that you provided on our Clubhouse located at (Hampton Oaks Apartments). Thank you for your ease in doing business, and your vast knowledge of your product. Our Solar Panels have served us well and we plan to use them for a long time to come. Because you apply the highest standards of excellence, you develop enthusiastically satisfied customers. It has been our deepest pleasure working with you knowing that you bring a personal touch to all of your clients, as well as all of your installations. We are so very pleased with the results of our Solar Panels, and if there is ever a need for future panels, I will certainly look forward to working with you again.
Thank You,
Hampton Oaks Apartments, LLC

One of the simple pleasures of living in Gainesville, FL is that there exists a number of local tradespeople who truly believe in and enjoy their line of work. In no instance have I found this more true than in my dealings with Wayne Irwin and his staff at Pure Energy Solar. They are professional, courteous, and intelligent folks fully committed to helping people practice a more sustainable way of life. At our first meeting, Wayne patiently explained the costs and benefits of a PV solar installation to me in a straightforward and pressure-free manner. All of my subsequent inquiries were handled in the same way. Wayne, Travis, and Tom of Pure Energy Solar did all the installation work. No subcontracting. What a great outfit. If you are interested in solar energy solutions, I highly recommend Pure Energy Solar.
Rob Robins

My husband and I had Pure Energy Solar install a 4.8 KW solar unit at our residence in the Fall of 2007. Wayne and his staff were very knowledgeable, personable, and easy to work with. They came when they said they would, worked hard, and were a pleasure to talk to. The job was done quickly and professionally, and we have been enjoying the results ever since. We would highly recommend Wayne Irwin and Pure Energy Solar.
Kathy and Mike Robinson

I am writing to say thank you for your counsel, service, and installation. Your work is appreciated in keeping the wiring clean and tidy (even in the attic). I am proud to have the bragging rights of being your youngest customer to date. It has been a pleasure to deal with you.
Jason Straw

Our upgraded solar system has now been operational for five months and has performed well. We use minimal power on sunny days and return excess power to the grid. We want to commend you and your staff on a job well done. You performed in a timely manner, respected our property by cleaning up the work area, were responsive to our needs, and did an excellent job explaining all aspects of the system.
We highly recommend your services to others looking to establish a solar system or upgrading an existing system.
With many thanks for a job well done,
Hugh and Carol

Pat and I could not have asked for a more professional group of people to install our solar system! Your team was so kind and courteous. Thanks for taking the time to explain everything throughout the process of installation.
Best wishes to you and your awesome company! Please feel free to use us as references.
Pat and Eve Wheeler